FUCK YEAH CHAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

23-Retail Slave-Aspiring Fashion Designer

I made this blog just to express myself and write down all the random musing within my crazy mind. I'm not really looking for Tumblr fame but that would be nice.

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Circle of friends white afghan. I used this free square pattern.  Really fun to crochet, and the texture is awesome.


WIP Complete! Crochet Fall Dress

Made this crochet dress entirely ready for the upcoming Fall season! I’ve been really into creating/designing crochet dresses lately, so basically here is the first bit!


"Triangle Circle" from Atty’s blog.  This is pretty amazing.  Check out this blog for sure!  Never made a triangle before!


This is a brilliant pattern!!!  Can’t wait to give this a try.  


by Brombaerstrik - Bettina Brandt Pedersen on Ravelry.  This pattern is available as a free Ravelry download


Incredible crocheted food by Hipota


I crocheted my first hat and it’s so comfy :33

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